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services & pricing

Shortest Visit 

(Up to 15 minutes)


Regular Visit 

(20-30 minutes)


(30-45 minutes)

Extended Visit 


Longest Visit 

(45 minutes- 1 Hour)


Overnight Visit 

(Minimum 8 hours)


Nail Trim


(Per Pet)

Yard Clean


(starting at)

*Weekly regular rate is discounted at 10%. You must be a weekly regular to receive this discount.

Each visit includes a GPS tracking system and picture journal so you can see exactly where and how your pet is being cared for. This provides the upmost peace of mind whether you are on vacation or just away for a long work day.

 One of our Pet Care Professionals will come by your home for a meet and greet prior to services so we can tailor each visit to your pets specific needs. We will also water plants, bring in mail, and take out the trash at no additional fee.

 We do not charge per pet but do require longer visit times if it is a multiple pet home. Walks will need to be scheduled in the Regular to Longest visit time frame.     Each visit will be scheduled in 3 hour windows. We can not promise exact times except for during overnight visits. Our sitters will arrive for overnights by no later than 10 PM and leave no earlier than 6 AM (currently only available for our Georgia clients)

Contact us to discuss the best options for your pet.

Tennessee (423) 946-5270

Georgia: 762-246-8054

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