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Megan and team have been watching our fur babies for years! Reliable, trustworthy and they love your pets like it’s their own. We couldn’t do life without them 


There are no words to adequately express how grateful we are to have found Paws and Claws Pet Nannies!! The owner, Megan, has been such a blessing for our family and is truly one in a million. She looks after our two dogs every day (actually twice a day) and is so wonderful with them. She walks them daily, refills their water bowls and spoils them to death. She constantly works around our crazy schedules and is incredibly accommodating. She is so much more than na dog sitter, she truly feels like she is part of our family. She seriously has the biggest heart and is insanely trustworthy and hardworking. There are not enough superlatives to describe how we feel about Megan and everything she does for us. We definitely hit the jackpot with Megan and her amazing business.


Megan is THE BEST PET NANNY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF PET NANNIES!! Not even exaggerating that in the slightest!! Her services she provides are top notch, and you will leave for work, vacation, or any other reason with a calm mind and heart knowing that there is someone there who for all accounts is the closest to a pet whisperer that I have ever seen... she will love and snuggle your babies, send you pictures and written update on how they are throughout the day, and even if your pet doesn't particularly like other people, they will love her... that I promise you. Medications, specific requests, NO PROBLEMO!! trust me. Let me add this...and this is no will return from your away from home responsibilities to find your home and fur-family in better condition than when you left. She is clean, organized, and thorough. You can trust Megan and her expertise completely. I will never take my babies to a kennel or leave them with anyone else but Megan.


I LOVE Megan! My daughter wants to work for her when she gets older bc she is not only great with dogs but she is a great person in general! She is super organized. She interviews with you and your fur babies- I think she was taking care of a horse last week! She has a GPS identifier and takes TONS of timestamped pictures. Did I mention the SLEW of other services? Finding a great pet sitter was super important to us as I lost a pet to a bad boarding experience. Megan and her team are amazing. she gets it. Her service is second to none. Thank you Megan so much. I am so very grateful for you and your service.


We LOVE Paws and Claws! Have used their services for our cats and fish for over a year and feel like they are family. Love their notes and photos and we know our pets are in caring and loving hands. BEST PET CARE company in the area 🖤Sherman loves the Paws and Claws staff and WISHES he could see them more!    


Our family had such an AMAZING experience using Paws and Claws Pet Nannies for the first time last weekend. We loved the journals that were uploaded each time they visited the home. Getting lots of pictures of our pups while we were on vacation assured us they were getting the best care. We recently had one of our dogs go blind overnight. He was improving some before we left, and the nannies took special care of him. They even played close range catch with him and saw some improvement. I’m very impressed with the care they received while we were gone and we like how they come to our home instead of us having to drop them off at off site boarding. We will be using them every time we are out of town from now on. We fully trust this company with our home and pets.


Great service with great people! Always going above and beyond! Love the peace of mind we have knowing our pets are being well cared for when we are away

Heather R

They truly are the best. my dogs are picky when it comes to people and I have never heard about an issue with my pups. They have been great with my crazy schedule as I am military. I am going to miss them when I leave GA. amazing group of people! thanks you for taking care of my babies!

What our Clients have to say


Megan and her team took care of our farm (not literally a farm but almost - 2 dogs, cat, and 2 birds) while we were out of the country on vacation. We came back to all of them in great spirits and WITHOUT A UTI (which our cat always gets when we go out of town). Paws and Claws walked them, made sure they got their meds and had frequent potty breaks, and even knew exactly how to care for our two birds! Leaving the house (especially out of the country) always comes with reservations due to uncertainties for our furred (and feathered) friends but Megan and her team went above and beyond to provide us a stress-free vacation! We will definitely be using Paws and Claws again! <3 <3 


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